LetUsPlayAlberta - Open up all sports in Alberta

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Dear Alberta Students,

We should be at basketball games, indoor soccer practices, dance rehearsals, archery practices, badminton tournaments, and participating in off season football training right now. Instead, we are isolated, lonely, and struggling with our mental health while adults make all the decisions that affect us and our future. Alberta’s restrictions that prohibited all group physical activities, including team sports and high school athletics, hurt students and youth. If nobody stands up for youth activities and student athletics, we MUST stand up for ourselves. Just because we’re young doesn’t mean our voices don’t matter. It’s time that we take a stand. As student-athletes and youth, we must unite our voices to remind the government that they are stealing OUR opportunities without hearing our voices and even though we are not a high-risk group for COVID-19. According to the government’s own data, the average age of a COVID death in Alberta is 82 years. The average age for a hospitalized COVID case is 63 years. There has not been a single COVID-19 fatality in anyone under the age of 20 in Alberta, and Alberta’s case numbers continue to fall. We call on UPC to reverse the restrictions and take immediate action to provide a plan that will allow us to participate in the sports and activities we love and need for our mental and physical health. We also call on the Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association (ASAA) to take a stand and advocate for athletics on behalf of all youth and students. The purpose of your organization is to coordinate worthwhile athletic activities to benefit the young people of Alberta. We need your help and support. ENOUGH DELAY, LET US PLAY

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