Alberta RV Industry Fair Pay Rate increase for Technicians (Public Support)

Alberta RV Industry Fair Pay Rate increase for Technicians (Public Support)

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Why this petition matters

Started by James Mclean

This petition is for members of the general public to sign who would like to support fair wage increases for RV technicians within Canada!

As RV Tech’s in Alberta Canada, we have many things in common with other trades such as the requirement to purchase our own tools kits, undergo several years of training and post-secondary school, and facilities to do work. 

However, we also have many unique Challenges such as many having to travel to another city for school, and it being a major bottleneck, only allowing for the training of about 25 persons each year to get their Journeyman certification (excluding those who successfully challenge the examinations). The seasonality of this trade often prohibits vacation time during the spring, summer, and fall months. We also have unique combinations of job site hazards such as working on and around large house-sized mobile equipment, working at heights of 8-14 ft, and working with bio-hazard materials and environments created by molds, dead animals, rodents, and human waste. These things should and rightfully so, demand some premium on our wages. 

Despite this, we are some of the lowest-paid technicians’s in the skilled trades labor market in Alberta and Canada as a whole. Statistics are taken from and averaged across multiple platforms including,,,, and the government's own websites the average salary for an RV tech in Alberta is only 24.93$ / per hour. When Compared to other trades with similar skill sets we see just how low this is. Using the same aggregate data from the same platforms……Appliance Repair Tech 26.32$ / per hour. Carpenter 31.11$ / per hour. Automotive Tech 33.80$ / per hour. Plumber 34.67$ / per hour. Electrician 36.66$ / per hour.

RV Techs have to be all of these when servicing RV’s. The unique challenges associated with the requirement for the multi-disciplinary skillset and the increased financial burden of acquiring a much larger set of tools and diagnostic equipment to do our jobs are considerable. In light of all of the above considerations and the rapid rise in the cost of living over the past few years, we the RV technicians of Alberta demand that an industry-wide base pay rate of 32$ / per hour be given to all qualified journeyman technicians to bring us in line with the rest of the Alberta Labor market.

If this is something you feel that you can support then please add your name below. This will also benefit apprentices and their guaranteed pay rates as part of their training. This partition will be submitted to the RVDA of Alberta, Alberta industry and training, and other interested parties that can put pressure on employers to make this change happen.

Thank You for your support!


8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!