Our voice your choice, a Calgary education crisis

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Last week due to budget cuts from the Alberta provincial government, 300 Calgary Board of Education (cbe) teachers were informed that their contracts would be terminated as of January 2nd 2020. Which for high school students is just before the end of their first semester, before their assessment breaks, and before their diploma exams.

The repercussions of these decisions include: bigger class sizes, loss of resources (such as laptops, books, musical instruments, textbooks, course supplies, and field trip opportunities) less support systems for students (for both education and mental health support), supports for indigenous and international students, and initiatives that promote reconciliation, no lunch and meal support for struggling students, minimal personalized education for students based upon the overcapacity of classrooms, less money for school programs like choir, band, sports teams, and school clubs (like the yearbook club, debate club, GSA, etc.)

We as students recognize this issue and want the opportunity to voice our concerns, and hopefully to make a change. By signing this petition you can help us make a difference, and help the lives of thousands of students and teachers alike.

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