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Please don’t close our provincial parks and campgrounds!!  

Travel Alberta is a great website. Traveling Alberta is a great experience. Tourism is what brings people to small and large communities. Exploring all of Alberta is a special opportunity that everyone can enjoy. Families need campgrounds. Couples need campgrounds. Hikers use campgrounds. People in the cities need campgrounds.

Provincial parks and campgrounds are a must for our province so that tourism stays strong. Small towns need tourists, and provincial campgrounds help support these small towns. Groceries, gas and many other services in rural Alberta thrive in the summer when tourists need a campground close to a community. I’m particularly mentioning Tolman Bridge Campground. It is near Trochu and I’m sure that many people around the world have used it. It’s a wonderful provincial campground and I hate to see it close.

Please help me convince our Premier, Jason Kenney, to keep our provincial parks and campgrounds open. Can you imagine the upheaval if they closed Mount Robson Provincial Park. Tolman campground may not be the biggest, or have massive revenue, but it can make memories to cherish for a lifetime.