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Petitioning Alberta Municipal Government Board

Recommend that the City of Edmonton's proposed annexation of the 38,000 acres of Leduc County not be approved by the Alberta Minister of Municipal Affairs.


The City of Edmonton intends to annex roughly 38,000 acres of prime Leduc County land. This land grab equates to an area 1 1/2 times the size of Red Deer. An annexation this size would significantly impact Leduc County, its residents and neighbouring municipalities.

Sign our petition and show the Alberta Municipal Government Board, the Alberta Minister of Municipal Affairs and the City of Edmonton that we won't stand for our county lands to be taken from us.  We want to work with everyone in the region to achieve economic success and are committed to "Growing Together for Alberta's future!"

You should be concerned:

  • Leduc County residents will see a 10% tax hike if Edmonton annexes 38,000 acres of land from Leduc County.
  • A 17% reduction in tax base would jeopardize Leduc County’s existing services to residents and neighbours.
  • Taxes will increase 62% for residents in the annexation area if Leduc County loses the land to the City of Edmonton.
  • Taxes will double for business/industry in the annexation area if the City of Edmonton’s bid is successful.
  • Annexation will have an impact on existing water treatment systems and water delivery.  In addition to possible cost increases.

*Figures are based on the 2012 municipal and tax assessment. These figures do not take into consideration any possible tax protection plan which might be implemented by the City of Edmonton.

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