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End Alberta Mental Health Act

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I am someone with psychiatric disabilities who also has known people with psychiatric disabilities. Despite the fact that statistically we are more likely to be the victims of violence than the perpetrators the stereotype of us as being perpetrators of random violence is used, as it in the Alberta Mental Health Act, to restrict our rights and deny our basic competence. I am writing this while under two certificates for involuntary hospitalization as a 'formal patient'; I haven't hurt anyone, don't want to hurt anyone and don't want to hurt myself yet, essentially because I have had a prior psychiatric diagnosis and I was going through a period of poor hygiene(which was used to argue I was experiencing 'severe deterioration'), a doctor was able to issue what amounts to a warrant out for my arrest; I was prior to this out of the hospital for ten years, managing my condition on my own using my preferred methods which is a right that is being threatened to have taken away from me. Freedom is one of the greatest goods and it should not be denied to one because one happens to be a neuropsychological minority; because of this the Alberta Mental Health Act must be ended in its current form and either not replaced or replaced with an act that does not violate the rights of neuropsychological minorities. These are quite often good people, some of whom you likely know yourself whether you are aware of their diagnosis or not, whose rights are unfairly restricted without due cause. If the Alberta Mental Health Act in its current form was ended we would take a great step forward for human rights, liberty, the reduction of stigma towards 'mental health issues' and the inclusion of people with psychiatric disabilities within society.

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