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As many know, Calgary School Board of Education has had a significant budget cut of $32 million for the 2019-20 school year.  This will result in the loss of 300 teachers among the CBE schools. Due to this loss of teachers, students will be highly impacted, academically and emotionally. 

As a result of this budget cut, Sir Winston Churchill High School is losing one of the most influential, passionate, and overall amazing teachers, Ms. Allibhai. This is why I have decided to make this petition. I believe that that we, as students, have the ability to make a change and have our voices heard.

When we learned that Ms. Allibhai was being let go, my Social Studies class broke into tears. Our entire grade is devastated by the loss of our favourite teacher. She is brilliant, relatable, productive, and highly passionate in her role as an educator. Personally, I don’t like Social Studies, but with this teacher, I enjoy learning about history and politics and basically how that world works. She is such a good teacher that my Social Study grade has dramatically increased from my previous year because I actually pay attention to her teaching and she is able to help me learn in ways that work for me.

Trust is built between teachers and students and when they are suddenly forced to leave, the impact on students is extreme. Students’ quality of learning is affected and we will live in fear of our other teachers suddenly leaving us. This increases rates of anxiety and depression in students and mistrust between students and educators. I strongly believe that schools should appreciate this “new blood” of teachers like Ms. Allibhai who can relate more to students as well as understand the teaching material to a more modern and politically correct point of view.

If it is crucial for some teachers to be laid off, students should have a say in who can stay as their teachers. When we don’t have a say, we feel powerless, silenced, and controlled by the school board. This will make us believe that our words are useless and this will affect our futures highly. 

It’s not only me who feels this way and wants to fight for our teachers. This opinion is widely spread across students.  Please join us to advocate for Ms. Allibhai and the other awesome teachers like her.

Thank you,

Karmen Naugler, Student Of Sir Winston Churchill High School