Bring back the funding for teaching Cree in public/catholic schools

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My whole life I’ve been told our language and culture is what makes us who we are. I’ve been taught so much about my culture in school, from residential schools to the Indian act and so much more but there was only one time I was ever taught my language ( Cree ). I’m grade 3 I was able to have a choice between French or Cree for the first time since I’ve been in school, I was ecstatic to be able to learn how to speak a language comes from my culture and background. We would learn how to speak, write, and read Cree it was my favourite class I found joy in learning about my language that has been hidden from me for years. As the class went on we got note that next year we won’t be able to take that class because they cut funding and I had to chose French even tho I had no background in it. I was forced to learn a language I had no relation too, I eventually failed that class and never took it again but without taking Cree I’m worried that I wouldn’t have even know anything about it and now Over the years I lost most of what I learned. It makes me sad to know that our language is gonna be lost after our generation cause Schools won’t allow them to teach it in schools. So please sign this petition so we can get this out there for the government to see and hopefully make a change and I know this might work but it’s a start.