Alberta beauty industry back to work.

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Alberta has closed personal service in the beauty and spa industry for a second time in less than a year. Almost 4 months of closure. Assistance from the government is negligible compared to normal revenues. Thousands of middle class hard working beauty professionals in Alberta have lost their ability to provide an income for their families . 

These closures are unjust. Not only because we have no income but also because of the stress caused. We are passionate individuals who take pride in our work .  It is a cause of mental health strain. We are used to being productive and making people smile. 

While we watch many other business remain profitable and active we are forced to sit stagnant. Lineups at box stores. Record breaking online buying. We are an essential service because our income is essential. Our businesses are essential. We have training in sanitation and viral and bacterial control. Employees at retail stores do not. Yet we are the ones closed.

Our  premier , Mr. Kenney , praised our industry for not having a single case of Covid 19 transmission, yet closed us a week later anyways. This time at the most profitable time of our year. We needed these revenues to save our businesses from the previous closure. We will no longer accept this closure as in accepting closure we accept a very high chance of loosing our businesses . 

We demand to be legally open immediately following the strictest health guidelines and protocols.