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LET THE KIDS PLAY! Now is the time to get loud.  Enough is enough! It is time that parents stand up and be heard about sports in Alberta. This fall the superintendents of schools in Alberta voted against high school fall sports without justification and decided to prohibit high school programs from participating in games until further notice.  Although there are other areas of north America successfully playing fall sports with restrictions, Alberta has remained closed to high school sports. WHY?  After several months of quarantine and drastic measures taken to reduce the Alberta COVID infection rate, we feel it is safe to resume normal football activities.  We strongly feel returning to physical activity is beneficial to the overall well being of these student athletes as this will strengthen their overall physical and mental health. Organized sports including are essential to keeping our youth responsible, focused and provide much needed structure.  Many of our student athletes also rely on sports as a means to attain college scholarships. Without proper preparation for the season, our athletes are at a higher risk for injury. In the event a season is cancelled, these players are left vulnerable and have their chances of obtaining a much needed scholarship jeopardized.  At a time where we are testing with a 98.8% negativity rate for the COVID virus, we must ask ourselves why Alberta Education would enforce these detrimental restrictions on our youth. Please join us in our fight to stop from causing any further damage to our student athletes by signing this petition to LET THE KIDS PLAY. Thank you from the many dedicated players and their families.