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Alberta College of Paramedics: Conduct a review into the continuing education process


The current continuing education process is unrealistic and the general membership was not consulted on this process. This process for many practitioners may be cost prohibitive and will ultimately be damaging to the industry in the province, we are already understaffed if we eliminate qualified practitioners with unrealistic continuing education practices this problem will only become worse.

Letter to
Registrar/Executive Director Tim Essington
Paramedic Practice and Standards Manager Becky Donelon
As a concerned citizen I am asking you to conduct a review into the continuing education process. As it stands currently the process will only result in damage to EMS in the province. While practitioners need to be held accountable to maintain their own education, this is not the way.

No other professional college places such significant weight on attendance at an AGM as opposed to the clinical training that is required to do ones job. This process in it's current form will result in many registered practitioners not being able to continue in the practice they have committed their lives to and will further damage EMS in the province by creating significant shortages of EMT's and Paramedics ultimately effecting the lives of the entire population of the province.

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