Advocating for Victims of Crime in Alberta

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We need your support and more signatures! Please preserve the integrity of the Victims of Crime Act

Last night June 22 at the 'Legislature Committee of the Whole' an NDP amendment to Bill 16 proposed by Ms. Kathleen Ganley was defeated. The amendment proposed that 75% of the Victim of Crime Fund be reserved for Victims and Victim Serving Agencies and Units.  This was our last attempt pleading with the UCP Government to change Bill 16.
Tomorrow Ms. Ganley will once again attempt to oppose this Bill 16 in defence of Victims of Crime in Alberta by doing another media release with two victims of crime.
Please share this petition with your email contact list again and re-post on any websites or any other social media sites you have access to.
Share, share, share...........
We have close to 1200 individuals who have signed this petition and we need more before we present it to Premier Kenney.
The bill is on its way to third reading.
We are running out of time....Please sign and share on any social media you have access to.  It does not just have to be Albertans that sign this.  If someone from out of Province, or even out of the country was a victim of crime that occurred in Alberta, this would impact them as well!

APBVSA Alberta Police Based Victim Services Association
2 months ago