Alberta separation / Western Alliance

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Support the West, all of the west. Saskatchewan! Alberta! B.C! Manitoba!  Anyone wanting change! Let your voice be heard

Its time for change. The voices of albertans can no longer be ignored. Alberta, you can shout from the top of your lungs from our highest mountain peak and nobody is going to hear you in Ottawa. It's time for a change and I am ready for it. Over 30% of our office space in Calgary is vacant, unemployment on the rise, we are losing over $80 million dollars a day and have lost over $130 Billion dollars to date. People are losing their jobs, homes, families and marriages, suicide among young men is on the rise. We need to go into survival mode and start fighting for ourselves. Perhaps running a poll to see where Albertans stand is the next step. We deserve better and it's time to run a poll and get a pulse for what Albertans want.

We deserve better 

We have the voice to tell them we deserve better, lets make some noise shall we !