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Boycott NFL 2017 Season in Support of Colin Kaepernick. Black Out.

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Colin Kaepernick took a stand for what he believed was right in support of the African American community, who over the last five years has faced horrible police brutality, even death at the hands of a corrupt judicial system. Since his stance, Mr. Kapernick has been faced with outrageous backlashes for his stance from the NFL. Since the NFL has took the stance to blackball Colin Kaepernick, we will stand with Colin Kaepernick by petitioning to shut down the NFL 2017 Season or cause a major disruption in their economic growth for the year of 2017 - “No viewers no gain.

We are appealing to all our supporters to shutdown your television during the 2017 NFL Season. Pull back your financial support of all their sponsorship. Reduce the cost of your cable bill and any funds you spend throughout the football season.

Our goal is to send a statement to Commissioner Roger Goodell that we mean business. Get in his pocket of over 75 million dollars of wages he earns being the Commissioner. Remind him and the entire NFL, we the people pay their bills. This is a blood thirsty, money hungry, organization that can be brought to their knees. With the power of unity -- stand with us as we stand with Colin Kaepernick.


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