Keep Crozet's Promise

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Crozet's Master Plan sets a firm limit of 12,000 residents. We're already nearly at that limit, and continued development will take us past it. Crozet's roads and infrastructure will not support more people. 

In addition, affordable housing–which is important to our town's past and future–is best achieved through collaboration with grassroots groups. Shoveling in massive new developments does not build an equitable and welcoming community.

Albemarle County planners and supervisors made a promise to limit development to 12,000 people while building a community that is affordable and fair to all. We're holding Albemarle County's planners and supervisors accountable to the promise they made.

That promise stands for today and tomorrow. At this moment:

  • White Gate Farm should remain a rural green space
  • non-residential uses should not be permitted at the corner of Rt. 250 and Old Trail Drive
  • the “Middle Density Residential” designation should be shelved
  • collaboration with grassroots affordable housing groups should be increased

We call on county planners and on our elected officials to keep their promises.