RESTORE ASU Homecoming to October

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Monica Franklin-Redden
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A September Homecoming date for 2020 is a decision that we oppose and needs to be changed to October 24th.  A September Homecoming will negatively impact ASU alumni's, stakeholders' and the city of Albany's ability to support the football program in a way that maximizes the benefit to the institution and honors standing tradition.

A large factor that lends itself to this negative impact is the Orange Blossom Classic between ASU and FAMU being held in Miami the same month. This will unnecessarily cause a number of ASU supporters to financially choose between the two. Revenue for both events can be increased by scheduling two events of this scale in separate months. 

Additional arguments against a September Homecoming lies in both climate and tradition.  Albany temperatures historically average near 90 degrees in September and make for a much less pleasant  experience. For decades, Albany State has established Homecoming as being played in the month of October, a month who's average temperatures are nearly 10 degrees cooler. Alumni, stakeholders and even the local community build their calendars around the tradition of a late October Homecoming date. Upending this tradition is not welcomed and viewed by many as an unnecessary and direct assault on one of our most hallowed Golden Ram traditions. Traditions are to be honored and not uprooted on what feels like a whim.

Traditions and heritage are the backbone of our esteemed university's culture. While this may be viewed as a logistics issue by some, to others it is taken as an attack on our unsinkable culture. Please recognize and honor the value of this culture and restore Homecoming to its rightful place in October.