Bring back Durham bus services for Albany School district's middle school students!

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This year, Albany School District opted for middle school students to take public transportation. To be safe they created their own shuttles, this one in particular route 801. In a sense it's safer because they don't ride with the general public, but there are bigger issues! There are serious discrepancies in the pdf file, paper schedule, and online schedules versus where drivers actually drop students off. By avoiding the scheduled stops, my 12 year old daughter will get off anywhere from 1 and 3 blocks away from the stop listed. The driver claims it isn't a stop, though it is on all schedules, and on the bus monitor. Luckily my daughter has a cellular phone, and she can let me know where she is, and I can make her stay on the line til we meet half way. But what if she didn't have a phone?

 Last week a girl came off the bus with my child, crying. She had accidently taken the wrong 801(there are many, and they are color coordinated), which had her in Menands, when she lives off Lark st, in Albany. That simple mistake could have cost a lot more than the cab(I not only had to pay for, but also ride with her because she's under 14, causing me to also pay the ride back home). She had no phone, no money, and was sincerely lost. Would she have a choice other than to take a ride from a stranger, or at least approach one for information on how to get home? This is dangerous! 

   There is a very simple solution. BRING BACK DURHAM BUS SERVICES FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS. Durham not only monitors students, but drops them home safely. We need them back!

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