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Caring Friends of Animals

Aug 15, 2013 — We prosented you petition to the NY Albany Count Legislature with a warm reception. we will now pursure a Committee to sponsor our request to ban animal circuses here. More good news: IDA is pleased to report that more countries are taking action to protect animals used for entertainment. Just last week, El Salvador banned the use of wild animals in circuses in reforming its wildlife conservation law. Cyprus also passed restrictions in June, going one step further by banning the use of all animals (wild and domestic) in circuses. Cyprus and Greece are the only two European countries that have a total ban on the use of animals in circuses. In India, the secretary of the Animal Welfare Board was recently quoted in an article that all animals will be banned from circuses there within a year stating, "Animals used in circus are treated brutally. They are kept hungry and cruel treatment is meted out to them. Hence, there is widespread demand for the ban of animals in circuses."


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