Alastair Smith to stand down as CEO of Pride Glasgow

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Today 14th July 2018 thousands of happy people marched through Glasgow for this years Pride event. Many people then were looking forward to the festival at Kelvingrove Park. Again many of them had prepaid either for the day or for the weekend plus the Steps after party. However this was not to be. Greedy organisers of this event saw fit to keep on selling tickets for this event without taking any notice of the legal capacity of which they would have been fully briefed on when seeking a license for the event. This led to thousands of people being stranded outside of the event hot, dehydrated and royally let down by the organisers. They had paid as a customer for an advertised product and not received this which by law warrants a full refund! Many people were collapsing in the heat outside whilst organisers still proceeded to post on social media how great the event was. This clearly was not the case for all! Noone has taken responsibility for this absolute shambles of an event not even explaining to people what they will be doing to rectify this disaster. Someone needs to be answerable to this. I believe that the buck stops with the boss therefore I am calling for Alastair Smith to stand down as CEO of Pride Glasgow with immediate effect!