Unlawful Treatment Of A Black Manager

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On September 28, 2015 Mary Gibson was handed a notice of termination. As you can imagine she was completely blindsided, as well as left in confusion as to why she was let go so abruptly. Prior to this letter , she had filed a discrimination complaint based off of the unfair treatment she was receiving from her direct supervisor, her Head Start Director, her Supervisory coordinator, as well as a Head start Teacher. I am writing this petition because she is not alone. I myself have had my child attend this development center, as well as many other parents in the community. And myself and other parents watched as they misinformed us of budget cuts, and whether or not our children's most beloved center director, was in fact being let go. I myself sat through a meeting in which I saw them tell us they weren't letting her go, only to get Notice of her resignation. The answer I got for this abrupt action? Budget cuts, yet they hired someone to take her place for a fraction of the time. She was cold, she had no desire to interact with the parents, and seemed partial to a select, " type" of child. I saw Mary work tirelessly, to the point she had to be forced to rest. She was always a constant for Rural Cap Child Development Center, and to her daycare children. She did coat drives, organized family nights, and even had dinner prepped to take home for those in need. I know I am not alone.  There are dozens of parents in the Anchorage community, that love and speak highly of the value of her position. I am asking anyone that's experienced this, or that can stand for the character of this great woman, please sign, write a letter, or share this... Thank You!

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