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Prohibit the use of Non-Biodegradable packaging in Fast-Food Establishments

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Non-biodegradable food packaging- synthetic packaging that the water, air, soil, and light cannot break down, have long-lasting negative effects on the environment.
Long-term exposure to air and water can cause synthetic materials like plastic to emit toxic pollutants.

A 2007 study released by the Environmental Working Group showed that low doses of Bisphenol A--a chemical used in water bottles, food containers and hard plastics--leach into foods and water over time and are carcinogenic, cause insulin resistance and interfere with conception.Non-biodegradable packaging in oceans can harm fish, birds and other marine life; animals that ingest the materials can be strangled or experience digestion problems.

In an effort to save the environment and prevent further pollution, we aim to phase out the distribution and use of non-biodegradable packaging in fast food establishments within South Australian borders by 2023. Help us to reverse the damage that non-biodegradable packaging has caused and keep South Australia beautiful.

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