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End Civil Asset Forfeiture in California!

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            Civil Asset Forfeiture is a major problem facing the people of United States, more specifically Californians. This is a major setback for our Democracy. Civil Forfeiture is a method for law enforcement to seize people's property without the hassle of Criminal Forfeiture, which needs a judge and jury to convict the suspect. In a Civil Forfeiture case, the person is not on trial, the property that is being seized is on trial, which makes the whole process a lot more difficult, since the property has no "rights". Many innocent citizens have had their property taken away, because the police believed that the person’s property was involved in illegal drug dealing. This program was created in the 80’s, war against drugs, however it did not help stop the flow of drugs in our country. Civil Forfeiture is now being taken advantage by under-funded police stations, in order to get the money they need. Civil Forfeiture violates the 4th and 8th amendment of our constitution. It encourages abuse of power and corruption in law enforcement. Recently California passed a law that prevents properties less than 40000 to be seized without a criminal conviction. This is however not enough. We want to make sure equality and justice is brought to everyone. In many cases, families have had their homes taken away, which shows the flaw of these recent bills. Let’s end Civil Asset Forfeiture together!


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