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Qantas should not discriminate against vegetarian and vegan customers

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If you are a vegetarian or vegan like approximately 20% of the world population then you will relate to the frustration that I have often faced during my several long-haul flights. I find it a bit absurd that most airlines (including Qantas) have little to no regard for dietary restrictions and mostly offer little choices for non-meat eaters.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

  • Even though vegetarians and vegans constitute over 1/6th of the world population, Qantas (and some other airlines) seldom have a non-meat meal option as part of their standard menu
  • The standard meal menu almost always consists of three or four types of meat options, while vegetarians and vegans are required to place a special request 24/48 Hrs before the flight (chew on bread crumbs if one forgets to do so)

Why is this worth addressing?

  1. Being non-discriminatory and offering real dietary options: Offering multiple meat choices doesn't provide any real dietary options given that most meat eaters often eat more than one type of meat, and are still able to eat non-meat meals if required. While on the other hand, most non-meat eaters (vegetarians or vegans) often cannot simply eat a meat-based meal due to health, ethical, religious reasons among others. 
  2. Being serious about the environment: There are sufficient studies and evidence now that states that the meat industry is one of the single largest (if not the largest) polluters and cause of deforestation on this planet. By supporting and encouraging a meat only diet, Qantas is failing on its responsibilities as an environmentally conscious airline. On the other hand, by reducing its meat overall consumption Qantas can directly impact its carbon footprint and truly claim to be a business that cares.
  3. Common sense: By introducing vegan and vegetarian options on its menu Qantas will stop its ongoing discrimination against approximately 1 in every 6 customers (often millennials) and will take a commonsensical step in the right direction that will offer more choices, help the planet, reduce animal cruelty and result in happier customers and overall savings for the business. 

A bit about me: I turned vegetarian about 5 years ago and started noticing how leading airlines, hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses are often discriminatory to non-meat eating customers. I have often directly raised this issue with such businesses and have actively provided feedback on how they need to do more.

This is my honest attempt at making one of my favorite airlines evolve to make life easier for us non-meat eaters.

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