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Take Back Public Ownership of the Electricity Grid

As "Joe Citizen" I value my anonymity and privacy. I do not want to put myself in the public arena. But I have become increasingly concerned that our Electricity Grid has been turned into a money machine for Off-Shore Investors and "Privatised Energy Suppliers". The Politicians appear too intimidated to do anything about it. It will need people power to take back our Energy Grid. 

If the Germans can take back their grid, so can we. See the article using this link

"The Hamburg plebiscite was the latest evidence of a trend that has seen dozens of energy grids in Germany restored to municipal ownership.

More than 70 municipal utilities have been set up in Germany since 2007, and more than 200 concessions acquired by public operators from private groups, according to the country’s Association of Municipal Utilities."

The Oz Energy Party 

I propose the Australian people start an OZ Energy Party with one objective, to force the politicians to take back our Energy Systems. This is non-partisan, and not energy specific. The Party Platform would be simple. Take back our power, get it working again and lower prices. Stop all subsidies until we the people decide what energy mix we want and if we want to move to 42% renewals, plan how to do it over the long term, without destroying families and businesses, who can't afford their energy bills. 

If those people in the public arena with connections and influence can run with this idea, it may just get off the ground. If not it might just focus the minds of those who should be fixing the problem, to find some resolve and just do it. I can only hope.

This is how I see the situation now.

First, the money-men monetised Energy through a market mechanism, telling us it will lead to lower prices. That allowed people who had no business in energy to trade energy contracts. To make money trading markets need volatility. So the more these traders, who include the wholesalers and retailers, as well as speculators, drive prices up and down, the more money they make. Many of these are profit driven organisation and through trading they can sell energy they buy at the highest prices for their shareholders. As they should. But that does not make it right.

 The problem is the poor consumer cannot stand aside during these volatile times. They need a stable and constant supply of energy to their homes, at stable prices. They pay for the trading losses and the investment companies grab tax free profits.

 This monetised energy system is a great profit generator for the Energy stakeholders.

 Turbocharge that business model with Renewal Energy Certificates and the profits are likely to be substantially multiplied.

 Base your company in the Cayman Islands and the profits can be funnelled off shore and avoid paying Australian Tax.

 Are we really that dumb!

 The Australian consumer is being sucked dry of their wealth as the high cost of energy affects the prices of all products and services. It is an aggressive tax on them.

 The “privatisation model” has been hijacked by investment companies and optimised to maximise the interest of overseas investors at the expense of the consumer to such a degree, the government must step in, admit privatisation has failed, and take our energy companies back into public ownership.

 An immediate benefit will be the RETs $85/kWh handed to the investment companies as owners of the Energy companies, will go into the government coffers for the benefit of the people, not overseas investment companies.

 And any profits from supplying energy will be the people’s profits.

 It seems people do not understand the difference between a publicly listed company like a car company and a publicly listed utility like our energy companies.

If a car company decide to shut down a production line, in the short term it directly affects them, as they do not have any of those cars to sell. They will likely lose money whilst it is off line.

 If an energy company shuts down a power station, in the short term the consumer immediately feels it, if there is not enough energy in the system. Perversely the company will make money shutting down a power station, as prices for energy will increase.

 We cannot allow our energy utilities to stay in private hands with this much pricing power.

 Would some of our politicians please understand this cannot work for the benefit of their voters and a backlash is coming? Please take back our Energy companies into Public Ownership again.

 It should be easy to play the investment companies at their own game. Can we not withdraw the RET subsidies or at least reduce them to such an extend these investment companies will not be able to make their high profits, and will likely negotiate with the government to take the energy companies off their hands.

 If this can be done, any Act should ensure they must maintain a level of service, to avoid them shutting down our grid to save money. They have made it incredibly hard for the consumer. We consumers want to return the favour. If we don’t get control it will almost certainly be reflected at the ballot box.

 These are just ideas. Surely someone with more knowledge and political power can work this out. 

Thank you for your time. 

Research into Energy Company Ownership which is frightening to me!

Please take a few minutes to read who owns our Grid, just in NSW.            

The NSW Electricity Network is controlled by four distributors. TransGrid controls all the high voltage power line and towers, with three energy retailers controlling the wires and poles.

             Four state-owned companies transport electricity around NSW. TransGrid manages the high voltage transmission power lines and towers, cables and substations, while three electricity distributors, Essential Energy, Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy, deliver the electricity to consumers in their network regions. 

http://www.resourcesandenergy try/pipelines-electricity-gas- networks/electricity-networks

 Here is some information on TransGrid that might surprise you.

 NSW Premier Mike Baird this morning announced the NSW Electricity Networks consortium had won the bid for the 99-year TransGrid lease after offering to pay $10.258 billion.

 The consortium consists of:

Canadian pension fund CDPQ (24.99 per cent)
Infrastructure fund manager Hastings, as manager of the Utilities Trust of Australia (20.02 per cent)
Tawreed Investments Limited, described by the Government as "the global direct infrastructure investment vehicle of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority" (19.99 per cent)
Wren House Infrastructure, owned by the Kuwait Investment Authority (19.99 per cent)
ASX-listed energy infrastructure manager Spark Infrastructure (15.01 per cent).

The transaction means the consortium is set to become the biggest player in the national electricity grid and take over part of the Federal Government's fibre optic network, as well as control much of the nation's backup electricity supply.  

 For Your Information:

Spark Infrastructure (ASX: SKI) is an entity listed on the Australian Securities Exchange which invests in infrastructure assets. Its principal investment is a 49% holding in ETSA Utilities, CitiPower and Powercor, with the remaining 51% owned by the Cheung Kong group.

Hastings is a specialist global manager focused on infrastructure equity and debt investing. Hastings is dedicated to transforming global infrastructure investment opportunities to deliver long-term value for its investors.   

Hastings Return Objective to its shareholders
To consistently provide investors with benchmark-plus returns over the medium term by taking influential positions in infrastructure projects in Australia and selected countries globally. 

ETSA Utilities – Now called SA Power Network SA_Power_Networks is wholly owned by Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Cheung_Kong_Infrastructure_Hol dings

 I’d say the foreigners have control of TransGrid wouldn’t you? What review did the Foreign Investment Review Board actually do? 

The transaction means the cons ortium is set to become the  biggest player in the national  electricity grid and take  over part of the Federal Gover nment's fibre optic network,  as well as control much of  the nation's backup electricit y supply.

Mr Baird said the lease deal w ith the Australian-led consort ium was a "stunning" result.

"Importantly, they're proud to  be investing in their backyar d," he said. 5-11-25/transgrid-nsw-governme nt-reveals-buyer-of-poles-and- wires-lease/6963420

 This consortium I repeat, is set to become the biggest player in the national electricity grid and take over part of the Federal Government's fibre optic network, as well as control much of the nation's backup electricity supply.

 And what about AusGrid and Endeavour Energy?

Ausgrid is a partially state owned electricity infrastructure company:

Scott Morrison exhibited some sanity here:

In 2016, the NSW Government is offered 99-year lease and 50.4 percent of the business to bidders.[3] This has been opposed by the trade unions and the ALP.[3] On 11 August 2016, the Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison made preliminary decision to block the sale to the consortium of State Grid Corporation of China and Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings on the basis of national security concerns.[3]

But then it leased it to these companies:

In October 2016, IFM Investors and AustralianSuper were announced as the successful bidders.

IFM Investors is a global company with offices in Hong Kong in a building called the Cheung Kong Center – Is it the same company name as owning part of TransGrid? It seems too much of a coincidence to me.

 Cheung Kong Property Holdings Limited – Honk Kong 31 % owned by the Li Family and is registered in the Cayman Island (Do they pay tax here???) I assume this is also called Cheung Kong Property Group as I can’t find anything else.

 Endeavour Energy:

On June 2017, an Australian-led consortium of institutional investors acquired 50.4% ownership of the rights to management Endeavour Energy’s network assets under a 99 year lease.

The consortium is led by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA) , and includes AMP Capital, British Columbia Investment Management Corporation and Qatar Investment Authority.

The NSW Government retains a 49.6% interest and continues to licence safety and reliability.


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