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Introduce legislation that protects LGBT+ and does not harm or inhibit them.

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There is a need in this country to enact legislation and protect people from all nationalities, sexual orientations, and walks of life. On April 19th, a transgender friend of mine committed suicide by drinking enough alcohol to pass out, while having a noose around their neck, effectively suicide by hanging. Earlier in that day, she had attempted hanging as well, but were unsuccessful, and messaged me, trying to convince it was a joke. Unfortunately it wasn't, and I was the last person they ever talked to alive. In many states, legislation is being passed, or is being considered, that would legalize discrimination against members of the LGBT+ community, as well as force them to use the bathroom of their gender marker, as we can see in North Carolina. Think about this for one second; in America, the transgender suicide rate is 41%, and the national suicide rate is only 4.6%. This needs to be addressed! My friend was born in October, 1993, in North Carolina, and grew up in Georgia. They were only 22 when they died. Throughout their transition, they struggled with acceptance from a variety of people and places. As well, they had to consistently dress male for work, otherwise they would have been fired if their work had known they were trans. A junior at Kennesaw State University, they loved life and all of their friends, and were pursuing a degree in computer science, mainly coding. The picture you see is of her. I write this petition in the hopes that this country will become accepting of all it's members, regardless of who they are, and stop the discrimination and hate that is given to those that do not fit a person's thoughts. We need legislation that will protect people from all walks of life, and allow us all to live freely in this land we call our home.

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