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San Antonio College Accreditation

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Whereas San Antonio College, St Philips College, and Northwest Vista College have been put on warning by SACSCOC for the first time in history;

Whereas the problems in accreditation are directly related to Chancellor Bruce Leslie's proclivity to purchase Franklin Covey products over the principles of accreditation and the values of stakeholders in our educational community;

Whereas the Alamo Colleges Board of Trustees have failed in their accreditation duties to protect the institutions from outside influences such as corporate interests, religious groups, and conversion foundations per SACSCOC Accreditation Standard 3.2.4 "The governing board is free from undue influence from political, religious, or other external bodies and protects the institution from such influence." (External influence)

Whereas faculty at these institutions have been coerced by verbal threats of insubordination if they don't adhere to the New Age religious ideas of Covey leadership training;

Whereas such coercion violates Title VII and the Texas statute for religious freedom;

Whereas such outside influences violate the rights guaranteed within the Texas Constitution to sovereign rule of a free people and prohibition against public educational funds being spent on religious materials;

Whereas the administration has failed at all levels to correct these errors in judgment;

Whereas any educational policy should be based on educational theory, not a self-help book;

Whereas the most recent attempt at revising the Educational Policy of the Alamo Colleges simply re asserts the Chancellor's and Board's preference for Franklin Covey corporate New Age materials over their duties of public trust;

Whereas the Franklin Covey materials are outdated and cannot meet the demands of students in the 21st century as they move into high skilled employment and careers;

Whereas academic credit or certification or a Franklin Covey seal on a state document such as a student diploma unnecessarily entangles government and religion;

Whereas marketable skills in a leadership program falls under the purview of faculty development of curriculum;


We the undersigned stakeholders in the future of our academic community declare a vote of no confidence in continued use of FranklinCovey materials for students and employees on any campus of any independent autonomous college within Alamo Colleges.


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