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Sadly in America people who do not agree with Marxist Ideology is being persecuted in some cities in America. Berkeley California has an epidemic of violent Marxist Terrorists Called Antifa, BAMN ,and Black Bloc inciting and visiting violence on the people of America. These are terrorist organizations that inflict violence on people they feel do not fit into their Fascist violent Marxist ideology.

 In Berkeley California you can and will be attacked if you are pro American. It has happened and continues to happen to people in this city all the time. If you are seen wearing or carrying an American flag, it is likely you will be attacked in violent fashion. If your a conservative and it is discovered you are , you will likely be attacked. The Mayor of this city incites violence on the people by making outlandish claims that speaking against Marxism is HATE SPEECH. This city harbors Marxist violent terrorists and does nothing about it and this needs to be stopped.

 Kyle Chapman is being made an example of by these Marxists in Berkeley. They trumped up charges on him "pun intended" to quietly put him in jail for acting as a hero on March 4th in MLK park in Berkeley California. Myself and many others were horrified to see we were victims of violence that day and men like Kyle Chapman and others defended us and he put his life on line protecting us and I am grateful he did. The police did nothing and were ordered to do nothing. They stood back while the elderly, women, and even a elderly disabled vet was attacked that day and did nothing at all. All one has to do is look at the March 4th videos on Berkeley California and you will see the truth of what I am claiming

 In these videos you will see Terrorists in Black Masks burning the American flag, Burning free speech signs, and waving communist flags chanting hatred for America. You will also see elderly people being beaten and pepper sprayed. You will see women and many others being beaten by violent Antifa thugs and nothing at all is being done to stop this by the police.

 Kyle Chapman is being made an example of by the communist terrorist harboring city of Berkeley. We the people need to stand by Kyle and say enough. We need to sign this petition and show we do not approve of this and we are asking that the proper people be jailed and that is Antifa and not a hero like Kyle Chapman. Kyle saved my life and I believe he saved many others that day as well.

Kyle was a hero that day, not a criminal. Please stand with us and sign this petition and let us have our voices heard say to the city of Berkeley we know about terrorists like Antifa and BAMN. We the American people do not approve of them trying to jail a hero on a trumped up charge while allowing Terrorists like Antifa and Bamn to roam the streets attacking American citizens with explosives, knives, and clubs.

They are claiming Kyle had a lead based stick.Well Antifa brings knives, clubs, and explosives and nothing is done to them, how many arrests did you see happen to them on March 4th , April 15th and the latest August 27th terrorists attacks on the American people?

Ill answer that , next to none. This is nothing more then a witch hunt on Kyle Chapman If they can do this to him, they can do this to any of us. "ets please stand by for him and say enough. American people have a right to be safe and protected. If the police refuse to do the job, then who will protect them? Thank God for brave men like Kyle Chapman. I might be dead if It was not for men like him. Thank you so much. God Bless America

You be the judge, this happened at my event. Look at the animals in Berkeley and they want to put away a hero like Kyle Chapman.

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