Ban RoundUp/Glyphosates in Alameda County!

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Haleh Zandi
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We have an historic opportunity to place a moratorium on Bayer's (formerly Monsanto's) RoundUp, and all toxic herbicides containing glyphosate in Alameda County. The Transportation/Planning Committee of the Board of Supervisors will be considering the moratorium on March 4th, 2019, and we want to let them know that 1,000 Alameda County residents have signed a petition calling on them to do the right thing!

Here's the deal: Alameda County agencies still spray thousands of gallons of RoundUp on Alameda County residents without their knowledge, despite clear scientific evidence spanning years of studies around the globe demonstrating glyphosate's toxicity to humans and Life. They only post notifications when they spray on public trails/trailheads, but the vast majority of RoundUp is sprayed on literally thousands of linear miles of waterways and flood control channels, many of which border homes and backyards of East Oakland and unincorporated Alameda County residents. These residents are NOT warned, and are being put at risk by Alameda County agencies and officials by toxic RoundUp "drift".

RoundUp is associated with higher rates of cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, early pregnancy terminations, low-birth weight, endocrine disruption, and it kills beneficial gut bacteria which is linked to a growing list of health problems. With ith this knowledge, Alameda County agencies are at risk for class action lawsuits if they don't stop. Like Dewayne Johnson, who recently won a $289 million settlement against Monsanto, the Alameda County workers who are tasked with spraying this poison are also at great risk. And in this moment of severe climate disruption, why would Alameda County continue to spray RoundUp directly into the waterways of the Bay???

Let's follow the lead of our indigenous elders who are leading this fight to force Alameda County to stop using glyphosates. Goats are being used by the county already with great results, at a comparable financial expense. Let's have Alameda County join the dozens and dozens of cities and countries who have banned glyphosates, and help inspire other cities and counties throughout the U.S. to follow suit!