Close Schools in Alameda County

Close Schools in Alameda County

March 11, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rosa Lim

With the recent outbreak of the corona virus, schools have taken precaution to both contain the spread and protect their students. However, there are still schools in Alameda County that are open and in session. Students are expected to sit in mass gatherings and in rooms for long periods of time. The anxiety of coming into contact with the virus grows within students more and more.

With many students having young infants and elderly in their homes (a large demographic compiling the infected and mortality ratio), it seems dangerous to have students come into contact with the virus. Going home will only increase the chance of more infections.

Not only should the virus be contained, but students’ mental health should be assessed in these times. How do you expect students to learn and study every day for five days a week—while still worrying about their health? 

For those worried about how students will continue their education, many schools have online services that cater to posting assignments and receiving homework. Parents are often able to check their child’s grades online; some parents are even able to check if their child completed or missed an assignment regularly, depending on the app or software used for assignments in schools.

Focus on the students’ health, work habits, and families. Sign the petition to close schools in Alameda County, even if it is just for a few days.

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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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