Letter to Safely Remove and Relocate Graham's Confederate Monument

Letter to Safely Remove and Relocate Graham's Confederate Monument

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I was born and raised in East Burlington, went through Andrews Elementary, Broadview Middle and Cummings High schools and lived in Graham most of my teenage years before going off to college. Growing up and upon returning, I find it disgusting that there are so many people in support of a racist symbol such as this and that our county tax dollars are spent protecting it while neglecting and protecting all residents of Alamance County.  What is inspiring to me is that right now, there are so many more people who live here who do NOT feel that way.  There are thousands of residents and neighbors here who see this monument as a threat and want it removed.  In one night we have collected over 200 signatures.  I hope this format helps us to grow that number.  We are aware there is a larger petition with folks who live in and around the state, but this one has been shared specifically for and with Alamance county residents and neighbors, specifically Southern Alamance County.  Let's keep this going yall.  Yall means ALL! Black Lives Matter!! Here is the letter I have written to the Alamance County Commissioners:

Neighbors in Southern Alamance County Request the Removal of The Graham Confederate Monument to a Safer, More Appropriate Location

July 19, 2020

Alamance County Commissioners

Commissioner’s meeting, July 20th, 2020

Dear Alamance County Commissioners,

This is a letter to inform you that we, as neighbors in Southern Alamance County, we have aligned in agreement: the confederate monument at this courthouse needs to be removed and relocated to an appropriate, safe location.  We are all aware that North Carolina recently adopted a law which protects such monuments, but the lives and safety of your citizenry are at stake here and you have the responsibility and explicit ability to protect the people, to remedy this risk. Currently all records reflect that the monument is not subject to any state monuments law,  and the ability and responsibility to act are squarely up to the county commissioners decision. This monument is causing such tensions, the City Mayor saw it necessary to enact states of emergency and the Sheriff's department sees it necessary to stand guard the statue and the courthouse on a 24-hour basis.   When we have children suffering from hunger, teachers going without the materials they need, people needing access to both mental and physical health care during COVID, we find it detestable that our county has decided, for years now, to spend such resources and energy as it takes to keep this monument “protected”.  

We have seen these entities also attempt to remove the Constitutional right of every citizen to peacefully assemble and protest, and we have also seen Confederate monument advocates toting weapons during demonstrations without consequence.  It is illegal to have weapons at any protest, yet nothing is done and that is a threat to everyone’s safety under such tense conditions.  

This monument represents racism, both historically and to this day.  Other cities in NC have successfully relocated these historic monuments to safe locations where they do not harm citizens of color in our community, as a reminder of the historical Jim Crow era of oppression for African Americans.   This monument as a symbol also informs policy, a symbol that perpetuates the kind of treatment of citizens of color as second-class - a systemic problem from which our communities of color are still suffering, and we all suffer when anyone in our community suffers. 

We believe the citizens of Alamance County, who find the continued and current placement of this statue offensive, would deserve an explanation as to why each of you, personally, support the current placement and to what degree you are complicit with the racist messages a monument of this nature continues to imply. 



Neighbors in Southern Alamance County including:

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