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Alamance-Burlington Board of Education

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Started by Melia Isagawa

We need to end mask mandates for all Alamance-Burlington K-12 schools!

After almost two years of the COVID pandemic we have learned :

1. Children are NOT the main spreaders of COVID.

2. Children are not likely to transmit COVID nor are they likely to get severely sick from it.

3. Schools in other states have dropped mask mandates without any issues or increases in cases.

4. Other NC School districts have dropped mask mandates without any issues or increases in cases among children and staff. (Masks are a choice for about half of the school districts and many more removing mask mandates the first of 2022)

Children are being physically, emotionally and developmentally harmed by the mask mandates.  

The minimal potential health benefits from masks are only achieved if they are worn correctly and are the correct type of mask.  The current mask mandate has no potential health benefits because it is not the correct type of mask and it is actually harming our children. Masks are increasing the spread of germs because children are constantly touching their faces to adjust their masks.  Furthermore, parents and teachers have reported that children are developing headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, etc. due to the restricted oxygen flow while wearing masks. It is extremely difficult for most adults to wear masks for just a few minutes to go into a store, yet we expect our kids to wear them for 7+ hours per day. This is unconscionable!

We have no clue as to what negative emotional, developmental and physiological effects long-term mask wearing may be causing our children. Childhood is a crucial time for social development and interacting with peers and teachers is a crucial part of that social development. When a child is interacting with someone wearing a mask, they lose the ability to see facial expressions which plays a critical role in socialization.  Kids need to see smiles again. Kids need to be kids again. 

Research shows childhood depression and suicide have increased dramatically this past year due to lack of socialization. Masks are causing much more harm in our kids than benefits! 

I am not willing to ignore the negative physical, emotional and developmental effects the masks are having on our children for an unfounded and potentially very small health benefit. 

Forcing children to wear masks is nothing short of physical and emotional CHILD ABUSE! Parents should be the only ones to decide what is best for their kids, not the government or school officials!

The school board legally has to vote on masking policies every month. Their next vote is Monday, December 6, 2021. It is ultimately up to the ABSS school board to set masking policies for our children. 

The board members are elected officials and it's time we make our voice as parents heard loud and clear. 

I ask you to join us in fighting for our children and for our right as parents to decide what is most beneficial for our children.

If a parent thinks the potential emotional, developmental and physiological effects of masks outweigh the health risk for their child, then they should have that choice and not be controlled by a mandate. 

Regardless if you are for or against masking, everyone should be for the right TO CHOOSE. 


200 have signed. Let’s get to 500!