Stop the BULLYING!

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John McCarthy was arrested for standing up to Westwood Middle School for the harassment & bullying of his son. Anyone who doesn’t agree with his arrest & feels that the school and school board needs to do more for his son NEEDS to sign this. Oh and his charge should be DROPPED.

NOTE: We have to reach 100,000 signatures within 30 days in order to get a response!

Below is the Fathers words about what happened. 

“Westwood Middle School has been given a 24hr notice to correct this issue the right way, before I rain hell on them! This is the 3rd time that my son has been PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED under your watch. AND IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN. Im not one of those soft ass parents, I will go to jail or the grave before I sit by and let this happen. Each time has also been verified by other students that my son was either defending another student, or was not the originator of the altercation. This time has been the real icing on the cake. A group of kids cornered my son in the pool during gym calls, splashed him and assaulted to the point of busting a blood vessel in his eye, giving him a black eye and almost drowning him. He went and told the PE coach, and his response was to “Stay away from them”. THEEEEN he was called into the deans office the next day and made to APOLOGIZE to the kids SO THAT THEY DO NOT JUMP HIM! I have been very nice and cordial through this ordeal and given them ample opportunities to rectify this situation properly. Well today, they were introduced to a section of me that I have closed off for a long time now. Let’s get this straight, I’m not a delusional parent, I KNOW my son is no star student, I know he cusses (if you think your middle school child doesn’t cuss, your stupid, also, he NEVER does it around me), and I know he is a pain in the ass. But they have found no proof, evidence, or testimony that he has done any harm to anyone. It is mandated by the state that my son be present at your facility. Which means that parents mandate that children are protected while there. While he is there I hold the staff personally responsible for my sons well being. If something happens to my son on your time, it’s your fault, and you need to rectify it. If you don’t rectify it and I let you get away with it, then it becomes my fault. I’ll be damned if I watch a video of my son getting jumped in the locker room on social media. They removed me from campus today because I used my words like a big boy and they felt the campus was not safe while I was there, so I removed my son from the campus bc I feel he is no longer safe without me there. I told the principal in front of everyone, “maybe if you kicked kids of campus for physical violence they way you kick a parent off campus for using his words, then you wouldn’t have these issues anymore”. Everyone of the children that have physically assaulted my son, still attend the campus. Why don’t schools deal with this shit like they used to? Ladies and gentlemen THIS is the problem with our world today. There is no discipline in today’s world. No consequences for actions. Funny thing is, I can probably be arrested for this post, but these people can still roam around campus intimidating my son. NOT ON MY WATCH!”