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Leave the "Confederate Soldier Memorial" statue where it currently resides.

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Our history as a country cannot be changed or erased by removing or relocating a memorial statue and it is insulting to ancestors of confederate troops and their families to deface their memory. The confederate statue and flag do not promote white supremacy and neither do those signing this petition. History cannot be changed or erased and just as a grave should not be disturbed, neither should a memorial to the dead. The statue was erected by Kirby Smith and is a historical part of Gainesville, the south and this country. If the statue erected by Kirby Smith is removed under the false accusation of perpetuating white supremacy what will come next? Removal of Kirby Smith's name from Gainesville's history claiming he was a racist, banning the American Flag because it may insult visitors to our country, or how about banning the bible due to the atrocities carried out by those who would use them written word in defense of evil doings? The horrific event in SC does not justify changing and attempting to erase history. It is time we held an individual accountable for their actions and stop making excuses and blaming other people/things for what happens. Please allow The Confederate Soldier to continue to stand where our ancestors placed him and let history remain.

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