Student shot and killed May 23, 2017 Dothan Al.

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On May 23, 2017, Kendarrius Martin, a high school graduate with a full ride football scholarship to play in Minnesota, was gunned down by a teen, who traveled in a stolen car from Panama City, Florida to Dothan, AL. The driver was charged as an adult for his murder, however Judge Lori Ingram, presiding juvenile court judge for this case, has granted Youthful Offender Status for the actual shooter. He will only serve TWO years in a juvenile facility and is scheduled for release on his 18th birthday-- with his record sealed.

This crime was premeditated; he and his accomplices drove an hour and a half from Panama City to my hometown of Dothan, Alabama to murder Ms Martin's son in cold blood while he played basketball at a city owned recreation center with friends. The execution was recorded on security cameras, which clearly shows the perpetrators' actions. It could have easily been a massacre, as there were lots of kids outside with him.


We, the undersigned, seek justice and ask that the state of Alabama charge this young man as an adult for this heinous crime of crossing state lines to murder a recent high school graduate with such a promising future. We ask that this case is handled in accordance with Alabama Code Title 13A.Criminal Code 13A-5-40, which defines Capital Murder as:

Murder committed by or through the use of a deadly weapon fired or otherwise used within or from a vehicle.

We ask for sincere reconsideration and appeal in this case and a fair judgement for all.