Rep. Phil Williams responds:

Rep. Phil Williams

Say hey, what I say????

Posted on March 15, 2013
  • Davis Gunter Jr HOUSTON, TX
    • 6 months ago

    Amazing how supposedly educated people can be so stunningly stupid and ignorant as to enact such an uncivilized law!!

    Was this law ever repealed or are the educators and legislators still living in the dark ages?

  • Chiara Weber HERCULES, CA
    • 11 months ago

    I'm gay, well actually I'm bisexual. I live in berkeley so its pretty open place and I get to be whoever I want to be with without hiding and I love it. I feel that everybody should feel that way! Everybody should have a chance to be who they want to be without having to sneak around or being told its criminal. The fact that Alabama State Legislators want school to teach that being gay is criminal is extremely wrong. People are allowed to have their own opinions but telling people who they are is a crime or who they want to be can make you a criminal IS BEYOND WRONG! Whats is being gay doesn't really impact anybody but yourself its who you are... WERE IN AMERICA ITS A FREE COUNTRY!! LIKE REALLY YOUR GOING TO SAY BEEING GAY IS A CRIME?!?!?!

  • Linda Gallagher LEETON, MO
    • 12 months ago

    I just have to say that no matter what religion anyone is, that this just saddens me!! I am a mother of 4 smart, kind, loving kids ages 11-15. Let me tell u that if any of them came to me telling me that they were gay, lesbian, bisexual or what ever I am a mother & my LOVE Is UNCONDITIONAL.. So yes I would be there for them always & no matter what nonthing would change that , I would also fight for my kids rights & saftey, they would not be alone at all. I believe that no schools should have the right to teach this, it just discusses me. Just as schools are not allowed to teach church in school, & in many ways by allowing this to be taught in school is teaching church in school, because thats what almost every church preaches/teaches. Not only that it is not criminal @ all. It seems to me that if the system really cared about these kids as we do then this would/needs be fixed asap, due to the fact that kids are being bullied, as well as pointed out, & heres what should open everyones eyes.. Take a look @ how many of these wonderful chrildren have taken their own life due to this; answer me this; is this Law so much more important than the lives of our chrildren; well I will answer it for u NO IT IS NOT... Do the right thing & on top of that start showing them all LOVE not HATE, Start saving their lives & stop the bullies as well. These kids are our future, & they need our help now to get all this stopped.. Please help these wonderful chrildren before anymore have to die in vain.


  • Carmen Stevens CINCINNATI, OH
    • over 1 year ago

    If we believe in God , and we believe that God made us , and God does not make mistakes , then why to do some have a problem with Gays?