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Separate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday from Robert E. Lee Day

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The state of Alabama is one of only three (3) states where both Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert E. Lee appear on the states' holiday calendar and are celebrated on the same day.  The irony is these two men fought and defended differing ideas related to human and civil rights.  

On one hand, General Lee led the confederate states which sought to seceded from the U.S and preserve perpetual bondage and slavery of African Americans in the South.  Many celebrate the general for his honor but forget what his honor upheld during the Civil War.  Even after the war, General Lee continued to fight against voting rights for freed men and women.  Meanwhile, Dr. King fought for the liberty of African Americans.  His pursuit to obtain equal protection under the law and secure jobs and freedom changed the world.  Even more compelling, was his steadfast tactic to be non violent in the face of tyranny and terror.

In June of 2015, the state of Alabama took a huge step in reconciliation when its' governor order the removal of the confederate flag from the capitol.  We can continue healing by separating the celebration of a man who fought to enslave human beings from a man who fought for liberty and freedom.

This issue has come to a tipping point when the largest search engine (Google) in the nation displays Robert E. Lee as the default holiday on the same day the Federal government designated to celebrate Dr. King and his legacy.

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