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HB 57 is a Targeted Regulation of Abortion Provider (TRAP) bill that singles out abortion clinics for unnecessary, politically motivated, restrictive regulations

The regulations imposed by TRAP bills can include various structural requirements, such as specifications for the janitors' closets, hallway width and height, lawn care standards, or excessive staffing requirements. The bills often establish new licensing requirements for abortion clinics, subjecting clinics to heavy fees and regular inspections of facilities and records by the state, sometimes without adequate safeguards to protect patient privacy.

TRAP bills are measures calculated to chip away at abortion access through the guise of legitimate regulation. These pieces of legislation often single out abortion clinics for special regulations that similar medical facilities are not subjected to. Some TRAP bills redefine abortion clinics as hospitals or ambulatory surgical centers. By doing so, such bills subject abortion clinics to stringent regulations which are inappropriate and unnecessary for outpatient facilities. The onerous requirements imposed by TRAP bills are also unnecessary because abortion clinics are already highly regulated. Clinics are already required to comply with numerous safety requirements, including federal CLIA and OSHA requirements, as well as local building and fire codes.

This particular bill also defines abortion as “the taking of human life,” causing “the death of the unborn child. This definition could have negative legislative effects on the future legality of abortion services in Alabama and the United States.

The same procedures are not considered abortions when done to “deliver the unborn child prematurely in order to preserve the health of both the mother (pregnant woman) and her unborn child” or if “the procedure or act [is] to terminate the pregnancy of a woman when the unborn child has a lethal anomaly.”

Please join the Alabama Alliance for Sexual and Reproductive Justice in opposing HB 57.

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Vote NO on HB 57!

HB 57 is a Targeted Regulation of Abortion Provider (TRAP) bill that singles out abortion clinics for unnecessary, politically motivated, restrictive regulations. It will result in the closing of clinics that provide abortion services, an increase in the cost of an abortion service, and decrease Alabama and Southern women's access to abortion services in the South.

If the goal is to reduce or eliminate the number of abortions that occur in Alabama, we suggest that the state put more resources behind comprehensive, medically-accurate sexual health education for youth and increasing access to healthy contraceptive, reproductive, and sexual health services. The state could also raise its minimum wage to a living wage that would allow low-income parents and families to raise children and ensure that pregnant students are not discriminated against and receive all the tools and resources they need to successfully complete their education. These are only some of the myriad ways that the state can choose to reduce abortion rates while not contributing to the death or serious injury of the reproductively-capable.