I've had an abortion

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I was 21 and I had an abortion. 

It's been a year since and I am so glad I did. 

I wasn't raped and it wasn't because the condom broke - it was because of the pull out method.

When I was there at the abortion clinic, I saw tweens teens and women in their twenties (like me) and older. 

Maybe our stories were the same and maybe not, 

When I saw what was happening in the States with the Alabama abortion laws - I couldn't click the articles for days...

It scared me to think about all those woman who could be like me, and need an abortion, and not be able to get one

Or those girls and women who have been raped and need an abortion and not be able to get one

Whatever the story - it scared me to think they can't have what I had..

I'm a Canadian but this goes beyond Countries. This is a woman's right. This is our bodies. 

Please if you've had abortion or would and support the RIGHT of her choice SIGN this petition. Share this, write about it. 

Let them see how important this is. 

And how wrong it is to take this away from us.