Enact The Dana Fletcher Bill, making body cam footage PUBLIC RECORD

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There is an ever growing need for COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY from public officials. There are countless cases where the rights of citizens have been violated without ACCOUNTABILITY. Exercising your rights should not result in being harassed, abused or murdered.

Because of a lack of COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY by public officials, many questions go unanswered about Dana Fletcher's case and MANY others. Public officials generally answer to the public but all too often we are given shifting stories, partial and misleading information and arrogant apathy to our expectations as citizens regarding our rights.

If this problem continues to be ignored by not enacting proper legislation that regulates body camera recordings and makes them public record, community trust and confidence in our public officials will continue to rapidly diminish and be tremendously difficult to regain. Making body camera recordings public record would allow the community the COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY it deserves and provide unbiased, third party witness to an incident, whereby ACCOUNTABILITY can be properly held.

Enacting The Dana Fletcher Bill in Alabama will make COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY a standard for all citizens of the state.



A few highlights from The Dana Fletcher Bill:

The Dana Fletcher Bill states that body camera recordings are public record and that footage can be released to the public with consent of the subject of the video or their representative.

The Dana Fletcher Bill also states that a subject, next of kin of a subject, parent of a minor or legal rep. of a deceased subject of the body cam recordings have a right, upon written request, to inspect/view the footage and the law enforcement agency has 30 days to provide access for viewing it.

The Dana Fletcher Bill states that should any law enforcement officer, employee, or agent fail to adhere to the recording or retention requirements contained within the bill, intentionally interfere with a body camera’s ability to accurately capture video footage, or otherwise manipulate, mutilate, conceal, remove or edit the video footage captured by a body camera during or after its operation, with intent to impair its use, verity or availability, they commit the crime of tampering with physical evidence as defined in Section 13A-129, which is a Class A misdemeanor.


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