I hope U don't take it the wrong way but I can get the United States 2 end national debt

I hope U don't take it the wrong way but I can get the United States 2 end national debt

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cory harris started this petition to Alabama State House and
  • Prevent coronavirus from spreading
  • Abolish the working class
  • Fight climate change
  • Fix US GDP
  • Fix unemployment
  • Right economic injustices
  • Give parents a sound strategy so their children can learn safely
  • Expand access to healthcare
  • Helps people pay child support
  • Fixes the roads
  • Expand access to education
  • Planning that pays for itself instead of paying trillions on economic planning without seeing a return, the governments planning I propose will actually put them in the green
  • Cuts energy bill costs from working class to CEO's
  • Something to keep the bills paid
  • End national debt in 3 or 4 years
  • Maybe one day politicians will get a move on super capitalist ideas like mine and we'll all be millionaires because of my super capitalist ideas cuz if we wanted to we could make everyone millionaires with my petition


1)A) Every person in the 99% qualifies for $40K to $50K worth of renewable energy (This is a super capitalist idea especially if you strike up a trade deal in China for renewable energy and batteries)
1)B) every person pays a $1K tax for every $4K or $5K they make in surplus energy
1)C) electric vehicles become the law of the land in the North and South America

1)D) https://techxplore.com/news/2020-08-bold-tackle-biggest-barriers-renewable.amp?__twitter_impression=true

1)E) start a climate initiative to be 100% carbon free in all of North and South America and prepare to export energy to South America

1)F) Export energy demand to all of North America and Greenland as well as South America

1)G) Pay a trillion plus for Canada and Mexico's (and all other countries in North and South America) infrastructure in ways to affect currency and economic outlook

1)H) Pay for this in all of North and South America so we all become super capitalists https://theray.org/tech/ev-charging-lanes/

1)I) raise rates to pay for it

1)J)see to it that to get ahold of these super capitalist benefits from the government folks have to work a set amount of hours in North and South America and if they go over they get a tax break or a credit

1)K) Strike up a trade deal with China for renewables as well as batteries

1)H)if a person in the US buys $50K of their goods or invests in the countries we supply energy to maybe a combination of the two (the counties that we invest infrastructure in) they get a $50K tax credit on their homes

1)I) offer up federal lands to use the renewable energy the 99% will use to supply energy to all North and South America

1)J) make it the law of the land that these power cars...


1)K) use cultered meat and/or the device that converts methane to carbon dioxide for the cattle

2)A) cancel student loan debt
2)B) make all 12 years of a college educations free
2)C) create a satellite network to give out a free 5G signal
2)D) give children devices
2)E) Give children VR (to bring them in the classroom) and the public school equivalent of playstation plus

2)E)... for VR for both PE and recess

2)F)Give every child in every state of the United States school choice to any school in their state

2)G) create high speed rail for all of North America for employment, school for children (and a system for transporting them there and back safely) as well as adults, transporting goods, travel, tourism; make it law that there must be a parking garage nearby the train station

3)A)Strict coronavirus planning

3)B) funding for advertising and promotion for reminding people to wash their hands, wear a mask, social distance and #StayHome 

4) $1T for infrastructure spending 


5)Take the corporate tax rate even lower

6)Use the money we get from the super capitalist ideas in taxes to pay for farming innovation, pay farmers to plant trees and building cities underground to make more room for trees to cut down on carbon gases

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