Ban giving out plastic straws without asking in Alabama!

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Alabama and other states’ restaurants are giving out plastic straws without even asking!  Many people want to help the environment by refusing straws, but one is placed in their drink before the drink even comes to them. This law would state that straws cannot be given out unless the customer specifically asks for one. There can be an exception for fast food restaurants, but only for carry out situations. Also, they can be given a kids cup with permission from the child.
Now you may be wondering, why is this important? A recent statistic has come out that if the amount of plastic waste being produced stays the same, there will be more plastic on the ocean than fish by 2050. (This date may be even sooner considering the dwindling fish populations due to pollution.) There are about 5 million people in Alabama. If each of them went to a restaurant that served them a straw once a week, then that means that each year, Alabama produces roughly 260 million plastic straws alone. The sad thing is Alabama is far from the most populous state. 
The next issue is kids meals. Kids drinks (aka a plastic cup with a lid and straw) are being handed out to kids who don’t even need them. I’ve always looked young for my age, so this has been a real problem for me. I have always cared about the environment a lot, so being handed a kid cup not only made me angry because they thought I looked younger than I was, but angry because they had given me a piece of plastic waste I didn’t want to create. Waiters should ask kids if they want a kids cup, because most 8 year olds can manage not spilling a drink, and I was handed a kids cup until I was 12. 
None the less, thank you for reading this. If you don’t live in Alabama, please sign but also start one for your own state!