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Resolve Justice For Don

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April 13, 2014

To the Alabama State Legislature
the Democratic National Committee
and the Democratic Governor's Association,

We, the undersigned - and many people throughout 
the USA and around the world who haven't been able 
to sign, yet sympathize with the noble expressions advanced
herein, as follows:   1) To restore freedom and justice for all in the United States, and   2) To restore our Constitution and rule of law according to
Article Six of the US Constitution;

do hereby call upon the State Legislature of
the great State of Alabama

and do hereby call upon the Democratic National Committee,

as well as do hereby call upon the Democratic Governor's Association,

to officially and publicly endorse, or to
draft and pass resolutions to support 
the following remedial measures
in the context of the above noble ambitions:

Measure One:
The President, consistent with his Oath of Office, should directly
and without any other bureaucratic interface or any further delay, grant an immediate pardon and reprieve 
and commutation of sentence
to Governor Don Siegelman, who has been improperly convicted
and unjustly imprisoned
.  The President should, in this context,
furthermore take the good and sound advice of the law firm 
currently or presently representing Governor Siegelman in this matter
especially with respect to emergency disaster assistance
for Don Siegelman, in the context of the injustices and 
damages inflicted upon the Governor and his family.
Please see
Measure Two:
The President should require the US Department of Justice to
appoint a special Federal prosecutor to investigate the following:
a) generalized suppression of petitions, and petition-throttling;,
b) general suppression of the Free Don Siegelman movement,
including the blacking out of a 60 Minutes segment in northern
Alabama, which reported on the Governor's predicament
(which is really the predicament of all Americans in terms of
denial of justice) and c) any racketeering activity
which may have taken place against any and all citizen 
activists in Alabama, as well as d) the specific throttling of the petition
<>;, and e) any political motives which may
have played a part in the formulation of the prosecution and
trial and imprisonment of Governor Siegelman and other
Measure Three:
The President, consistent with his Oath of Office, should directly and forthwith accept the resignation of Ronald L. Rodgers of all 
duties and privileges heretofore enjoyed as US Pardon Attorney,
and appoint Governor Don Siegelman to serve in that capacity
without delay; for as long as Governor Siegelman wishes to serve 
as US Pardon Attorney during the current Administration.   

This measure would, in effect and in an expeditious way, 
give the people of the United States the first active US Pardon
Attorney, who executes the duties of the office consistently
with the standards of the Constitution and the rule of law,
for over a decade.  Of course, there is a backlog of work  which must naturally be done in this capacity, due to the
poor record of the recent past.  
This will also give the President the
opportunity to both improve the image of the United States
internationally, in a dramatic and clearly perceived fashion,
as well as to work with a trustworthy official who has
the experience, education and optimum empathy quotient
as well as all other eminent and outstanding qualifications;
necessary and sufficient to administer this office 
according to optimum public good.
Measure Four: . The President, consistent with his Oath of Office, should,
if Governor Siegelman is not willing to accept a Presidential
appointment as US Pardon Attorney, directly appoint Governor
Siegelman to a diplomatic position with the rank of Ambassador;
in view of the education, experience and empathy quotient and
indeed the outstanding patience of Governor Siegelman, which
eminently qualify him for such an important task.   Furthermore, the President, in the selfsame event that Governor Siegelman is
not about to accept a Presidential appointment as US Pardon Attorney,
should, in the alternative, directly grant the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve
(q.v. <>;),
and the ancillary 37 pardons, without hesitation, without bureaucratic
interface or prerequisite, and by a process which may include  negotiation with the Author:
Very truly yours,

Scott Davis
Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont,  PA   19028-0877 USA

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