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Rename Bibb Graves Hall

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Since its birth in 1867, Alabama State University has been a cornerstone in the fight against injustice and inequality. Since the end of the Civil War, Alabama State University has been a beacon of light and a symbol of hope and advancement within the African American community. Not only has Alabama State University been essential to educating our community, but it has also been the cornerstone of organization, including the Montgomery Bus Boycotts and the Civil Rights Movement as a whole. For many years, students of Alabama State have fought tirelessly for equality. Facing harassment and expulsion, students continued to stand up against hate and white supremacy in their quest for equal rights and a true chance to pursue the happiness promised to all Americans within the constitution.


With a history of tolerance and perseverance, the campus of Alabama State University is no place for monuments that commemorate historical bigots and domestic terrorist. As students and alumni of Alabama State University, we can no longer sit idly and allow the state to use the campus to promote this dark history. Former Governor Bibb Graves was a known racist as he was endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan. The Encyclopedia of Alabama states that he “used his position as Grand Cyclops of the Montgomery Klavern of the Ku Klux Klan to win much of that powerful voting bloc in 1926”. Bibb Graves has a history of actively oppressing and disenfranchising blacks: the very constituents Alabama State University was created to represent and educate.  

Alabama State University is an institution rooted in love, tolerance and opportunity for all people. We can no longer ask our beautiful daughters and sisters to live in a building named after an individual who has historically sought to oppress them. We can no longer ask our sons to walk in the shadows of a building named after an individual who was affiliated with a domestic terrorist group and who has historically ignored their best interest as individuals. Therefore, as we continue this battle against hate, intolerance, bigotry and white supremacy, we are calling for Bibb Graves Hall to be renamed. Naming this building after an individual who was supported by and affiliated with domestic terrorists is a complete act of disrespect to the individuals who fought and died for equality and justice. The naming of this building also disregards the prestigious legacy of this institution. Alabama State University should be purged of any commemoration or stamp of white supremacy or oppression.

This petition serves as our formal expression of concern and determination to have this building renamed.


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