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Department of Human Resources should abide by ones Amendment rights. Stop DHR CORRUPTION.

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Your prayers and love is in Great need to SAVE my precious son. Help our family stay strong in this CORRUPTION. I'm a MOTHER on a HELL OF A MISSION to SAVE MY SON. Please read, pray and help share the word in hopes the one person taking their time to push a pen, pay attention to the REAL evidence or to care more about human life instead of the money being made while destroying a Lil boys life who has tried every way a 2 yr old can, to let the blind and heartless ppl involve know he wants to be home with his family. Please help share the word to save my son.

Is ok for dhr to ignore ones Amendment rights or discriminate against a person?

Please help me understand the statement "oh their DHR so that doesn't apply to them". WHAT!!!! So does that mean that Department of Human Resources is above the law? Does that mean DHR is excused from following PROPER PROCEDURES, HUMAN RIGHTS AND DUE PROCESSES? CAN someone please help me understand this?
dhr is punishing my 2 yr old son because they feel I'm abusing my medication used to treat my disorder which I've been treated since I was 6 yrs old. At 38 yrs old I have 1 daughter (22) in college (that wasn't allowed to get her brother because she was 22 & has a good relationship with me, which is very stable in college,  with a good job, no criminal records and drug free) and a Precious (2) yr old. DHR became involved after my power meter was vandalized and under repair. For the past 109 days they have found every reason to try and keep my son from me and his family. They are keeping my son in foster care as if he do not have a family or family members to stay with. At each court hearing they are the only ones who are allowed to speak. The court appointed attorney said at the 30 day hea ring that they aren't interested in the progress that I've made to repair the power meter only the drug screen that preformed at house (which contains my medication that he refused to submit years of prescription for).

 Is it really legal for DHR not to abide by ones Amendment rights?  Isn't it true DHR still has to follow proper procedures and due process? I'm a MOTHER on a HELL OF A MISSION to SAVE MY SON....

Please help save my precious baby!!!!

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