Change Alabama Car Seat Laws

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Child car seat laws in Alabama are outdated and unsafe. They are so detrimental to children's safety, any accident could cause severe harm or worse.. death. We need YOUR voice to speak for the innocent.
This is what the law states, verified as of 7/28/17: "Alabama law requires children of certain ages and sizes to be seated in appropriate child car seats. Failure to do so can result in a fine of $25. Use the following guide from the Alabama Department of Public Safety when buying a child car seat.
Up to 1 year old or 20 pounds: A rear-facing, infant-only or convertible seat.
1 year old – 5 years old or 40 pounds: A forward-facing car seat.
5 years old – 6 years old: A booster seat."
Now let's look at some facts.
•Alabama is the ONE of the MANY states that allows forward facing before the age of 2. Why jeopardize our children's safety due to pure laziness? It's medically & scientifically PROVEN rear facing until 2 is safer that forward facing.
•Studies have shown that children riding in a rear-facing car seat are 5 times safer. This is because when rear facing children’s backs, necks and heads are all being supported by the seat during a crash. Once they are turned forward facing their bodies are being restrained by the harness straps but their necks and heads are left unsupported experience the crash energy.
•Before age 2, a child’s skeletal structure is simply not protective enough to handle the impact of a crash when they are facing forward in a car seat.
•According to medical professionals, the heads of young children are heavier, and their necks and spinal cords are not fully developed.
•In an accident, young children facing forward have a 75% greater chance of injuring their spines or even breaking their necks, due to impact.
So please, sign this petition to save Alabama's future, save families from heartbreak, and to save a life! Thank you SO much!!!!!