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On Friday, November 24, 2000, the day after Thanksgiving, I had my last conversation with my precious mother.  It was a telephone conversation that lasted only a few minutes but it was a telephone conversation that cost her her life.  Now, only fifteen years later, her monster killer is being considered for parole.

My mom and dad had been married for 36 years when he died of cancer.  Theirs was a marriage that many people only dream about, full of love and devotion to each other, their four children, and at the time, their five grandchildren. They owned a small business together and they loved it.  They loved their clients and their clients loved them  People all over the southeast knew my mom and dad and to this very day I hear stories of how my mom and dad touched people’s lives and made a difference.  They never met a stranger and truly loved and enjoyed everyone.

When my dad died, my mom was devastated.  She moved back to the small community where she grew up to be near family and her lifelong friend.  It was and still is a tiny community where everyone is neighbors and life is sweet.  We would visit there often over the years growing up.  It was there where my mom reconnected with her “childhood sweetheart”, Henry Clifton Wade (Cliff), and they were married almost three years later.  However, before the ink was even dry on the marriage license Cliff was demanding she give him sole ownership and control of the business that my mom, dad, and brothers had built from the ground up.  She refused to hand it over and that was the beginning of THE END.  My brothers were still very active workers in the company and Cliff ordered her to fire all three of them.  He gave her an ultimatum - it was either him or her children, she couldn’t have both.  My mom loved all four of her children and simply told him she would NEVER choose ANYONE over her children and he was certainly no exception.  He responded by telling her he was going to kill her kids, even going so far as to place a loaded gun by each entrance of their home and told her that he would kill her children if they came to anywhere near her.  That’s when my mom and I began our plans for her escape.  They had only been married seven months.  One day, while Cliff was at work, I picked up my mom, drove her to town, and hired an attorney to draw up divorce papers and a restraining order against this monster.  That was on Wednesday, November 22nd, the day before Thanksgiving.  The attorney got everything in order and walked it over to the courthouse for the judge to sign, but the judge was gone and because of the holiday would not be back until Monday.  After a long discussion, mom insisted I leave town before Cliff returned home from work and assured me that she would be fine until Monday.  On Monday, the judge would sign the restraining order which would allow us to have a sheriff deputy on the premises to protect us while we packed her belongings and got her out of there.  It would be our secret until the Thanksgiving weekend was over.  We were able to keep our secret but not our plans.  On Friday evening, just before 7:00 p.m., I called my mom and talked to her for only a few minutes.  During our conversation I could hear Cliff in the background raging in a fit of anger.  He told her he was going to kill me and all of her kids.  Then, less than 3 minutes after we hung up the phone my mom was DEAD!  Cliff called 911 and told the dispatcher he had shot his wife. 

During the investigation, I learned that Cliff had told my mother he was going to kill her.  My mom had visited the Sheriff of Butler County and informed her of Cliff’s threats.  Cliff had told neighbors that he was going to have to go away for a while and his wife would be gone so he would need them to look after his animals.  I also learned that Cliff had been married six times before my mother and was very violent and abusive to all of them.  Each woman suffered worse than the one before.  My mother was the one that suffered the worst, and she didn’t survive.  He became so enraged about my telephone call that he decided to fix it to where I would never be able to call her again!  EVER!  He had followed through with one of his threats.  He shot my mother in cold blood simply because she was having a conversation with her daughter!!!

During the murder trial, as I sat on the witness stand, tearfully testifying on my mother’s behalf and giving details of our last conversation, this cold, heartless, cruel monster looked at me and grinned!  He knew I heard him tell my mother he was going to kill me.  He knew that we all knew every last detail.  As the pictures of my mother’s lifeless body was presented to the jurors, that monster smiled at me!!!  Every juror on the panel talked to me and my brothers after the trial was over.  Each one letting us know they voted for a guilty verdict and recommended a life sentence and hoped he would never be released.  The judge followed the jury’s recommendation and handed down a life sentence, but not without parole.

It has only been fifteen years and this monster is already being considered for parole.  A hearing will be held in May, and I am asking everyone who will, please speak up on behalf of my mother and all the other women who suffered at the hands of this monster.  This man deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison.  After seeing all evidence and hearing testimony, the jurors suggested he never be released from prison.  I am asking that everyone let the Alabama Board of Pardons and Parole know that we do not want this monster released back into society.  If released from prison, this monster would return to that same small community that was shattered by evil and that loving community does not deserve to have Henry Clifton Wade as a neighbor.  And the family does not deserve to live in fear, wondering if he will follow through with those threats he made to kill them, especially when he believes we are the reason he has spent the last fifteen years in prison.  

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