Approve anti-hazing policies that will save an athletes life before it's too late

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Purpose of RKJ Anti-hazing Act
To protect the physical and mental health of all athletes, a zero-tolerance policy of hazing must be supported by enacting a disciplinary action in response to such a heinous act. Athletes should feel safe and supported by their coaching staff and teammates. When hazing is introduced as a way to build comradery among teammates, a firm disciplinary response is required to not only show support to the athlete victimized by the hazing but also to deter athletes from partaking in such acts.

The Rodney Kim, Jr. Anti-hazing Act should be adopted by all high schools with an athletic department. The Act will be upheld and enforced by the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) without bias and prejudice.

About Rodney Kim, Jr.
Rodney Kim, Jr., a 14-year old freshman at Davidson High School in Mobile, AL, is considered a talented athlete on both the football and baseball fields. This stellar athleticism earned him varsity quarterback position on the Davidson High School football team. Like any athlete, Rodney Jr. was ready to step into his leadership role and was looking forward to an exciting season with his teammates. Unfortunately for Rodney Jr., his teammates did not welcome him into the brotherhood with encouragement and support. Instead, over 20 of his teammates rallied together to brutally attack this star athlete in the team’s locker room leaving him to protect himself defensively on the cold locker room floor. (Video of attack)

Rodney Jr. endured countless punches, kicks and body slams from those he considered to be his teammates. As he lay defenseless on the floor with only his arms and hands to protect him from the attack, Rodney Jr. long awaited for a coach to come to his rescue.  Unfortunately, Rodney Jr. was never rescued by anyone on the Davidson High School coaching staff from the attack. This heinous act committed by his football teammates left Rodney Jr. with several injuries including a broken arm that required surgery. This attack not only robbed Rodney Jr. of his first football season at Davidson High School, but has robbed him of trust in those he should have been able to trust the most…his coaches and teammates.

Proposed Penalties
1.      Any student(s) found guilty of partaking in hazing actively or as a bystander receive an immediate suspension from the team regardless of severity of harm to the victim;

2.      Teams that conduct hazing on new or current teammates that result in physical and/or mental harm will forfeit all remaining games for the season. The release of the team’s season suspension is at the discretion of the AHSAA.

3.      Coaches who are found guilty of not enforcing the RKJ Anti-hazing Act will face suspension from the coaching staff

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