Stop Forced Adoption in Alabama

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Kimberly Rossler decided to place her son for adoption before he was born. She signed a pre-birth consent form but was allowed to change her mind, according to the document. Prior to giving birth to her baby, she decided to raiser her son. 

Here is her story.

Kimberly became pregnant with a sweet baby boy and chose to work with an adoption agency called Adoption Rocks in Alabama. They matched her up with K, who planned to adopt the baby. Kimberly then signed a pre-birth contract with K which is a contract that is signed prior to the birth of the baby and the prospective adoptive parent agrees to become financially responsible for the baby.

The problem is that this practice has the prospective adoptive parent giving money to the pregnant mother. Giving money in exchange for a baby, no matter how organized or technical is human trafficking. Kimberly went through counseling and decided to raise her son. She informed the director of Adoption Rocks and was dismissed. She informed K, who acknowledged the change of plans.

You see, pre-birth contract allows for a mother to change her mind before and after birth. The problem is that since money is involved, it is used to guilt the mother into proceeding with the adoption.

The director also allegedly told Kimberly that as long as she took her baby home from the hospital then the adoption would not be finalized. Kimberly did both. She notified all parties involved prior to birth that she was keeping her baby and she took her baby home.

Once baby was born, Kimberly took him home and fed, clothed and cared for him. However, it is alleged that K and Adoption Rocks tracked them down and went to court and lied to a judge about Kimberly's ability to raise her son. They went to a juvenile court and did not say that this was a failed adoption. Without evidence, the juvenile judge ordered police to take Elliott without any warning. 

Since this Elliott was removed from his original home, the opposing party has allegedly tried to get Kimberly arrested, accusing her of violating gag orders, and lying to a judge by saying that Kimberly was running the Bring Baby Home Facebook page, which is not true. Pre-birth consent leaves to many loopholes for abuse of the legal system.

Babies should not be signed away before birth. Shouldn't the parents be given the chance, a FAIR chance to decide to parent their baby? Babies should not be a product in a FINAL transaction. It is unfair to not let a mother decide one final time if they truly wish to place their baby for adoption because a large amount of money has been exchanged.