Dis-invite Islamophobes' Enabler Sajid Tarar from Al-Muneer Foundation's Graduation Event

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While Muslim civil rights organizations have been working tirelessly around the clock resisting Islamophobia, a prominent Islamic organization of NY, Al-Muneer Foundation is inviting and giving a platform to one of the worst enablers of Islamophobia, Sajid Tarar, undermining the efforts of the entire Muslim civil leadership of the U.S. 
They are giving voice to his hateful rhetoric, and bestowing him with prestigious titles which he does not deserve given that he has no legitimacy among the Muslim community of the U.S. 
Through this petition we strongly demand the Al-Muneer foundation to rescind this invitation and stand with the rest of the Muslim civil rights leadership of the U.S, rather than hurting the cause of the Muslims in this country and pandering to the Islamophobes. 

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