Protect Oumar from Deportation

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Oumar B. has been unjustly detained by ICE since Nov of 2018 after his arrest on a false criminal charge that has since been dismissed. He is a DACA recipient who arrived in the United States from Guinea when he was 8 years old to join his family. Oumar faces deportation if his upcoming appeal in federal court is denied. If this happens, he will be sent to a country that he has not lived in since he was a child, that he does not now know or have immediate family in.

Oumar built his life here in the United States. He is a hard-working, ambitious person who took care of his family before he was detained by working a full-time job while also pursuing a business degree at Houston Community College. He also contributed to the community through volunteer work with local organizations and initiatives. Understanding from his own experience the difficulties that immigrant families and homeless people often face, Oumar believes in giving back and standing with those who need help through difficult times. Now we need to stand with him.

Please help by signing this petition to stop the deportation of Oumar. He deserves to continue living in the land of opportunities, the country he has called home since he was a boy. Help us protect Oumar B.’s right to stay in the United States, in the only country he knows. He is facing his final appeal against deportation this month. Together we are strong, and we can make a difference in Oumar’s life.